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Celebratory Free Facial - for matric dance and graduating students.

Your skin matters. You matter and we celebrate your hard work.

Euphrates has established a 4-for-1 program. What this means is that for every four (4) products bought it will allow Euphrates to offer a student who is graduating or going to a matric dance a free celebratory treatment. At any point you purchase four (4) Euphrates products, you have automatically sponsored one student to get his/her face treated before the big special day.

How does the 4-for-1 program work? You are more than welcome to nominate a qualifying student, but our free celebratory treatment is not limited to nominated students. Students will have to email us, explaining why they need a facial and believe they deserve the 4-for-1 treatment. This must be accompanied with an official letter confirming that the student is either graduating or have a school matric dance coming up.

Terms and conditions:

  • Must be a graduating student.

  • Must be a matric student who is going to a matric dance.

  • Students must provide us with an official letter confirming the graduation or matric dance from the school/institution.

  • The student will only receive the treatment a week to a day before the occasion.

  • Euphrates will choose the suitable treatment for the student based on a skin analysis.

  • The booking must be done a month to 10 days before the occasion.

  • One student will qualify for one treatment.

You can email your information to

If you believe someone can benefit from this initiative you may share or repost it.

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