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Oxygen Facial background: It is a device that was first designed for chemotherapy to patients suffering from skin cancer. However, it was not long before the device was converted to delivering pressurized oxygen which contains a serum that is injected into the skin. However, over the past few years, more people have been discovering the benefits of the oxygen facials that offer advantages over other, more traditional methods.

What to expect when doing a Oxygen Facial Treatment?

While other types of facials take days or even weeks to see the benefits because the skin must heal first, those who experience the oxygen facial notice younger, more youthful skin almost immediately. Plus, those who suffer from a variety of skin issues which include acne see noticeable results right away as the skin begins to clear up quickly

Unlike microdermabrasion for example, the oxygen facial has no painful side effects. In addition, there is no burning, itching, or stinging associated with this form of treatment. This means that it is suitable for sensitive skin or a person who do not like needles can use this form treatment.

One of the most noticeable benefits is that the patient can apply makeup to their skin right after the treatment. While most facials require several hours of waiting before applying any makeup , the oxygen facial has no such waiting period.

In addition, the oxygen combined with the vitamins that are also infused into the skin is healthy, beneficial, and promotes the growth of collagen and cells which provide a more youthful appearance. For those who have skin stained from tobacco use or dirty air, they will see the benefits as well with lighter, younger looking skin.

5 reasons why you should do the oxygen facial .

Glowing Skin

Oxygen facial seems to be a dramatic solution for ladies struggling with excessive dryness. Pollution hit faces don’t just look lifeless, they also go dry beyond repair. You can offer your skin the deep hydrating offered by the oxygen facial. This level of hydration restores the normal pH level of your skin. It prepares the skin against future sun damage as well.

Feel the plump skin

Take the rescue of oxygen facial and rejoice the lost blush in your skin once again. Oxygen facial removes impurities with a burst of fresh oxygen on the epidermis. It imparts life to dead skin that looks dull and dry. It results in increased blood circulation in the facial tissues. Increased blood circulation increases the quality of the skin’s coat – the epidermis. Skin regains its lost natural blush with the splash of magical oxygen facial from the first sitting itself.


Acne is a result of trapped oil and dirt in the open skin pores. Oxygen facial reduces the pore size and offers deep cleansing. As a result, the pores shrink. Skin gets freedom from trapped dirt, dust, oil and sebum. The end results are acne free, glowing skin ad radiant appearance.

Youthful skin

Oxygen facial offers the beauty of youthfulness with its amazing oxy therapy. Oxygen fights free radicals in the skin which are responsible for ageing. It triggers the production of collagen that is a firming and skin tightening natural skin agent. As a result, wrinkles reduce, fine lines diminish and age spots lighten. Thus, the skin regains its youthful appearance.

Blemish free

Oxygen facial detoxifies the skin against harmful toxins collected due to stress and pollution. The irradiation of such toxins reveals a fresh, youthful and fairer skin that is free of blemishes like acne marks, age spots and sun spots. Nonetheless, oxygen facial offers the best detoxification benefits to human skin’s epidermis.

Balanced skin tone

Oxygen facial single handedly offers the goodness of miniaturization, detoxification and skin repair. The release of fresh oxygen on skin’s epidermis gives room to cell regeneration. It eventually clears dead skin from the surface. As a result, the facial skin gets evenly toned with no hints of cracks, dryness and peeling.

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