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New Arrival Products on a discount

New Euphrates merchandise is currently on sales. This will compliment your products, headband to controls your hair while cleansing and treating your face, sleeping eye mask to keep the moisture and decrease the tear evaporation on the eyelid and Euphrates Cosmetics Bag this is a must have item. it's potable and suitable for light travels.

Sleeping Eye Mask

This sleeping eye mask will create some sort of a physical barrier between your eyes and the environment. By wearing this type of eyeshield regularly will create in some way a humid chamber. This increased humidity inside the sleep mask will protect your eyes during the night.

At night, many people do not completely close their eyelids during their sleep. Many are not even aware of that and do not realise that the eyelids are not completely closed. In fact, this situation can certainly lead to very severe dry eye problems at night. If you need to wake up in the middle of the night to put eyedrops or if you have a hard time to open your eyes in the morning, this type of night time eyewear can help you as well.

4 reasons to invest in a Euphrates headband

Keeping Your Hair and Face Clean:

Cleansing Your Face:When you cleanse your face and overlook using a headband, or worse, neglect pinning your hair back, you run the risk of clogging your pores with the oils from your hair! For those of you who struggle to wash your face after a long day of work, using a headband will make that process much easier by doing the work of keeping hair out of the equation.

Applying Makeup: Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping hair out of your face, using a headband while applying makeup ensures that you are able to apply your products evenly. By keeping all of your loose hairs free from your face, you will have a much easier time applying products like foundation, blush, primer, bronzer, or any other moisturizing cream or serum that you incorporate into your daily routine.

Showering:Rather than using a shower cap, which is not likely to stay securely on your head during a shower, opt for a headband. The less time you worry about your hair falling loose while showering, the quicker you’ll actually be able to finish the task!

At the Gym:Using a headband at the gym will reduce the frequency of wiping the sweat off of your face, improving the quality of your workout. A moisture absorbing fabric will retain those drops of sweat, and prevent them from streaming down your face during intense runs on the treadmill, or your favorite group exercise class.

Coco bag o’ Euphrates goodies!

Say hello gorgeous to this pretty little coco made do it pouch. With a sleek silkscreen finish & sweet words of beauty affirmation, this cosmetics and makeup bag is the perfect place to keep all your cosmetic goodies safe! perfect fit for the full skin care range (Deep Cleansing Facegel, Tropic Rian Scrub, Radiant Day Cream and Anti-blemish night Cream) Stash it in your purse for glam on the go!

Buy your product on sale, right on our online store 24hrs.

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