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Euphrates Distribution BIZ

We have made available a local distribution business opportunity, for you to start your own independent distribution company in association with Euphrates cosmetics.

You can kick start your distribution biz with a minimum starting capital of R 6 300 and make a sizable profit, between 25% and 40% profit, with the support of Euphrates "my customer support system" which help you kick start your business by tapping into our existing customer base in your area. Euphrates Distribution Biz is a guaranteed profitable business that does not limit you to distributing our products.

7 things to know about starting your Distribution BIZ in partnership with Euphrates

1 How do you start?

Get Euphrates distributors A package

2 Then what do I do after that?

Let Euphrates continue selling the products and advert your distribution business in your area.

3 How do your get customers?

Euphrates will kick start the business for you. All our existing customers will buy from us and get the products from you.

4 How do you get you money?

Euphrates will pay you for the sale made and make a return from 25% to 40%

5 What am I doing if i'm not really doing hard direct sales?

You bringing the products closer for our existing and prospects customers while at it be the face for the brand in your area and build relationships.

6 What do I need to have to start the partnership?

You need a minimum capital of R6 300 and you will have to fill-in our distributors form to get in our database and get your business moving.

7 In which areas do you need distributor?

This partnership is set up from local distributors. You could be from anywhere in SA. However, areas such as KZN - Durban, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Western Cape and East Cape has good momentum and our customers would really benefit from getting distributors.

More information is available on our website, you can download the distributors form on line. We want to see your distribution biz grow until you open your own Euphrates concept store.

Please note we only have limited space. We still want to keep Euphrates an exclusive, effective and reliable brand to allow all our distribution partners to get value for their investment.

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