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Before and After Skin Care and Advanced Cleansing Brush Results.

Once you get to use the right product, your skin will respond to it and you will soon see it clear out.

What Causes Skin to React to Products?

There are three primary reasons why skin reacts negatively to a new product, a new skin-care routine, or even to products you've used for months or years:

1> The product(s) was poorly formulated with ingredients that can irritate your skin, such as alcohol, fragrance, or fragrant plant extracts. The reaction can happen immediately or it can develop over time; sometimes, when several fragranced products are used, the skin reaches a critical tipping point and reacts strongly.

2> Some people have skin that's just more reactive and sensitive to cosmetics, no matter what the ingredients. For them, the more products they use, the greater the risk of a reaction, especially if the products contain fragrance or alcohol.

3> Using products that contain ingredients that trigger allergies. If you’re prone to breakouts, be sure to choose a water-based, non-comodogenic moisturizer that will help your skin retain its water content without clogging pores.

What sets Euphrates apart from other skin care brands?

1> Euphrates skin care is formulated out of 100% natural ingredients. We use local quality raw ingredients to drive the product performance. This then makes Euphrates skin care suitable for even the ultra sensitive skin.

2> Euphrates Skin Care is a specialized brand. This means that our formula is continually being improved every six (6) months to a year, to ensure that the skin does not stop responding to the product. We will have experienced an episode where a skin care product that we have used for months just stop working. This could mean that your skin activeness has changed and it could also be climate-induced skin changes. It is therefore this reason Euphrates continues to adjust and improve its formula.

3> Our product has no active fragrances or fragrant extracts, it also does not contain any active alcohol or any hash chemicals. With all these ingredients eliminated on our brand, this means that you are avoiding ingredients that could trigger skin allergies.

4> Euphrates Cosmetics has developed a skin care holistic approach treatment that is a results of an extensive research study and experience. The holistic internal treating assist to eliminate the causes of breakout or any other hormonal imbalances that cause the body to results to a acne prone skin. The skin care holistic approach treatment is FREE and available for all our client who purchase the full skin care range. The treatment comes in a disk that has all the instruction for you to follow.

Our products are available via our online store, we also take order on our social media pages, telephonic and through emails at |

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