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[NEWS] Marie Claire Prix D' Excellence Beauty Awards.

The Euphrates Tropic Rain Scrub is part of the products being considered by Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté awards local judging panel. We would like you to visit the Marie Claire site and take a poll if you believe in the Euphrates Tropic Rain Scrub and you might win a hamper. Our product is under the Skin Cleansers/Toner category. Link …………………………… More information about the awards It’s the beautiful time of year again. It’s time for Marie Claire to host the Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté, awarded by a panel of judges to this year’s best quality beauty products. The prestigious local awards are run in conjunction with the International Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté, which is coordinated by Marie Claire’s international office in France. This year six judges took on the difficult task of testing and judging a wide selection of beauty products. They are: Kelly Fung, Marie Claire’s fashion & beauty director, along with fashion & beauty assistant Nokubonga Thusi, Cathi Trevor, fashion & beauty editor of Good Housekeeping, Juana Parathyras, beauty editor of Cosmopolitan, beauty consultant Sally Harvey and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli. The judging process took two months, during which time each judge tested every product in real time, incorporating them into their daily beauty routine. The judges then reconvened to discuss and choose the winners. Now, you be the judge! In the lists below you can choose your favourite product amongst this year’s entries. The winners will be announced on 17 March at the Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté event in Johannesburg. #Euphrateslove #TropicRainscrub #takeapoll #mightwinahamper

Article credit: 90 percent of this article content comes from the Marie Claire website.

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