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News Release - Face Change

Euphrates Cosmetics Reveals its new customer interactive autumn campaign. The Face Change Campaign – is all about celebrating individuals who are risk takers, who have bravely faced change and conquered. #facechange

Euphrates Cosmetics. Natural products. Face Change Campaign. Jo-anne Reyneke. Skincare Range

South Africa, GP. March 2016 – South African cosmetics manufacturer Euphrates Cosmetics is proud to unveil its Face Change Campaign (FCC), a customer-generated content-driven campaign created to celebrate the individuals who are risk takers - people who have conquered different challenges in life. The emphasis is on the skin care journey of our clients that we have identified. As a local cosmetics brand, we want to tell our own local stories. We have young phenomenal South African women that have not only faced change through their skin care journey, but have also acquired a certain level of success in education, business, innovative social space and other social initiatives, through hard work, taking risks and perseverance. Euphrates wants to tell that story.

The Face Change Campaign will be led by our local brand ambassadors Aurelia Nxumalo and Jo-anne Reyneke. This campaign will allow our customers to share their Euphrates skin care journey and tell how they have faced change in other areas of their lives. Anyone can enter the FCC challenge, those who have used the Euphrates four (4) steps skin care products and the ones who plan to take the risk and start a journey of using a new skin care product.

The first leg of the Face Change Campaign will see our Euphrates friends (Euphrates products users) share with us their face stories by answering the following questions and hashtaging #facechange and tag us on any of our social media network pages. Our social media account manager will republish (repost) the story on our pages.

Questions • How did you first get introduced to Euphrates and how has your experience been so far? • Do you feel that you are a risk taker? • How have you faced change? • What would you say to your younger self, now that you have lived those different changes?

In the second leg of the campaign we will choose four (4) stories that resonate with our brand. The chosen entries will be part of the Euphrates Autumn 2016 Face Change film campaign, which will be featured on our website, online and on Euphrates direct public communication content.

The closing date for the Face Change Campaign entries is 26 March 2016. Filming will be in April 2016.

Find more information on Social Media: @euphrates_sa | @aurelianxumalo | @joannereyneke Euphrates social media hashtags #Euphrateslove #euphratesbestie #facechange

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