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Beauty Chat with Aurelia Nxumalo (Part 2)

Euphrates Cosmetics. Euphrates natural skincare. Advanced Cleansing Brush. interview with Aurelia Nxumalo

6. What do you consider to be a great brand ambassador deal?

A great brand ambassador deal is best when the ambassador has tried and tested the product. The love and confidence in the product then flows naturally because you have seen what the product does for you.

7. What does your beauty routine consist of?

Morning: I use the Euphrates advanced cleansing brush with the Tropic Rain Scrub in the mornings, followed with the day cream. Night : I use the Advanced cleansing brush with the deep cleansing face gel, which I feel works bet after a long day at work and the day’s make up.

8. Which oneof the Euphrates products is your must-have? Advanced Cleansing Brush.

9. What can your social media friends expect from you during this collaboration?

They can join me on the journey to completely flawless skin and see how it has been working for me, therefore it would work for them.

10. Lastly, you have used the Euphrates products for some time and we can safely say that you are a fan of the brand first before a brand ambassador. What changes did you see throughout your Journey using the product?

Definitely a fan of the products. The noticeable change I saw in 2 weeks. My skin was much clearer and more even. I found that blemishes are slowly disappearing and just looking forward to maintain my skin as is if not more results in the near future.

Merry Christmas Euphrates friends!

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