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Close up with Euphrates BESTIE Jo-anne Reyneke (Part 1)

Euphrates Cosmetics. Tropic Rain Scrub. Natural skincare.  Jo-anne Reyneke

1: Welcome to the Euphrates family Jo-anne. Please tell me how did the relationship with Euphrates develop?

It looked so inviting and clean, it looked like the kind of product I wanted my name associated with. I also loved that it was still a growing brand locally, and would grow with me in my field.

2: What do you consider to be a great brand ambassador deal?

A partnership where both parties grow individually and as a unit. I consider a great ambassador deal to be one where no one feels short changed and both parties are putting in their hardest towards bettering the product.

3: Which one of the Euphrates products is your must-have?

The tropic rain scrub and the perfume. The tropic rain scrub is the perfect product to use when you're not planning on wearing make up, it leaves your skin looking fresh and clean. The frangance is also a very clean and sweet scent.

4: What can your social media friends expect from you during this collaboration?

A whole lot more information about Euphrates products, how to find them and how to use them. Information about all the Grand Glam events, where they will be and how to get your seat secured.

5: You have used the Euphrates products for some time and we can safely say that you are a fan of the brand first before a brand ambassador. What changes did you see throughout your journey using the products?

As clear and as smooth as my skin was, Euphrates products have taken it to a new level. Sometimes I would suffer from break outs, and dry spots, but ever since I started using Euphrates I have not had another break out, and all the areas that would dry up are as smooth as the rest of my face. My skin is softer and brighter. People keep asking me if I have another bun in the oven because I'm glowing so much. I tell them it's no baby, just Euphrates.

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