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Beauty Interview with Aurelia Nxumalo (Part 1)

1: What made you agree to be a brand ambassador for this particular brand?

After trying out the brand for myself for a few weeks, I loved the transformation of my skin and was immediately convinced. I was able to step out the house without any sort of cover up. I love what the brand represents, “…beauty beyond your DNA". Who wouldn’t want to be aligned with such a brand?!

2: Alright, so let’s talk beauty. How do you get your skin to look so freakin’ good?

Say it with me…EUPHRATES ADVANCED CLEANSING BRUSH, along with the face wash and day/night cream. It’s like your own facial at home weekly.

3: So what are some beauty products you just got to have with you at all times?

Lip moisturizer, hand cream and a mirror.

4: What does this collaboration mean to you?

It means the future looks flawless when it comes to my skin. As I have mentioned, it’s not only the products that I am drawn to, but what the Euphrates brand represents.

5: Let’s talk trends! What are your five fave beauty trends?

Popping lip colour Lots of WATER Pastel nail colours (in love) Navy blue eye liner is the new black And of Course – my Advanced Cleansing Brush

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