Euphrates Mystery Box

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<p>Euphrates’s Mystery Box is a wonderous, mysterious and awesome box of manly Euphrates goodies. Each box is randomly picked and will contain between 3 – 6 items -worth R1 200 and more. Buying the items individually would cost a pretty penny, but with our Mystery Box you’re going to not only be surprised by what you’ll receive, but we hope you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at just how much you’ve saved!</p><p>No two boxes are alike and everything is picked with love but randomly. We constantly add new products to the Mystery Box all the time. </p><p>So what are you waiting for? Take a chance on the unknown. Mystery awaits!</p><p><strong>Features</strong></p><ul><li>3-6 awesome yet mysterious manly goodies, worth R1200 and more.</li><li>You can keep them all for yourself or gift them to someone special to you.</li><li>Randomly chosen from different euphrates loves products and machandise. No 2 are alike. Now that’s mystery!</li><li>Massive savings vs. buying all of the items individually.</li></ul>

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